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We stock a comprehensive range of rural fencing products, from the Australian made Waratah longlife fencing wire, Galstar post range and all the accessories. We also carry a range of excellent value imported fencing products including wire, posts and tools from Whites Wires. 

Our Electric fencing range boasts quality Gallagher electric fencing. Gallagher products are known for performance and reliability in their mains, battery and solar electric energizers.



At Taree and Wingham Produce we pride ourselves on having the right products to suit your needs. We stock a range of herbicides to control a range of weeds around the house, or around the farm. We also have a variety of insecticides to keep your crop and pasture safe, as well as keeping the creepy crawlies out of your home and garden.


Our experienced staff have a wealth of knowledge for your peace of mind, helping you decide what product you need.


At Taree & Wingham Produce we have the local experience and know how to make your pastures, crops, lawns and gardens grow. We stock a range of organic and conventional fertilisers in 25 kg bags, 1 Tonne bulk bags and larger quantities.

We stock a large range of fertilisers including Impact Fertilisers who have a wide range of products designed to meet the specific nutrition requirements of crops and pastures. Farmers see the results in healthier soils with perfect nutritional balance that deliver stronger crops, bigger yields, and improved farm profitability.


We have 2 spread trucks capable of spreading poultry litter, lime, single super, urea and specific blended products. We cover an area from Buladelah to Kew and as far west as Gloucester / Nownedoc.


Our team is on hand to provide soil testing and fertiliser advice, including recommendations for both dairy and beef clients. We aim to provide cost effective solutions to make sure you get the best from your fertiliser dollars.


Taree and Wingham Produce are your local Rapid Plas dealers. The reason why we choose to stock Rapid Plas products, is because of the high importance we place on product reliability, quality, style and looks, and a brand you can trust. We can help you with all of your water storage and management solutions. 

We stock an extensive range of residential, agricultural, and commercial poly products, including rainwater tanks, molasses and fertiliser tanks, water and feed troughs, and a range of other equine and animal care products including the popular D-shaped fence feeder.

You can see our impressive display of quality Rapid Plas water management products at our new display area in Whitbread Street, Taree.

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There is nothing better than eating out of your own veggie garden! We have a massive range of fertilisers, mulch, seeds, pesticides, potting mix and more.

Not only will you find what you're looking for a healthy garden, but you will get the best advice and excellent prices too.

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